What Is Femtech, and Is It the New Pink Tax?

Humans as a species love to categorize. To help us understand the world around us, we give everything a name — each other, our pets, our moods, the earthy smell of a forest after rain. And when we’re particularly excited about something, we’ll give it a nickname, too. In this fashion “femtech” was born, a term used to describe the section of the Venn diagram where technology and female health care get busy. The term was coined around 2016, about the time that seriously innovative ideas started popping up in that particular sliver of space. Think back to the then-scandalizing ads for Thinx  period-proof underwear . There was  also Fin , a crowdfunded fingertip vibrator;  Clue , an ovulation tracker; and  Cora , the organic menstrual-products subscription service. Before long, seriously big cash began to flow. Last year, an estimated $400 million was invested in ...
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Femtech’s Billion Dollar Year

There are a lot of people who never thought they’d see the day venture capitalists would funnel millions into femtech businesses, direct-to-consumer tampon retailers no less. But that’s our new reality and  Cora  is proof. San Francisco-based Cora, which develops and sells organic tampons, pads and other personal care products, has just closed a $7.5 million Series A led by Harbinger Ventures. Cora is one of many  femtech startups to raise funding this week alone , in what is turning out to be a red-hot year for VC investment in the space. Femtech, defined as any software, diagnostics, products and services that leverage technology to improve women’s health, has attracted at least $241 million in VC funding so far this year, according to PitchBook. That puts the sector on pace to secure nearly $1 billion in investment by year-end, greatly surpassing last year’s ...
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Graz-based femtech startup SteadySense raises €6 million for its fertility tracking patch and app

Graz-based  SteadySense  has developed a unique method of identifying a woman’s most fertile days. Founded in 2016, the startup has just raised a round of €6 million led by eQventure. At the heart of SteadySense’s new product is an intelligent temperature measurement sensor embedded in an adhesive patch that, in combination with its femSense app, enables women to get pregnant much faster. The femSense Kinderwunsch Conception Support Patch is a discreet skin coloured patch made of biocompatible materials. “Our patch is affixed under the arm and worn during the menstrual cycle for a period of five to seven days,”  said founder and CEO Werner Koele.  “The patch measures the body temperature continuously and stores the data until it is read via NFC by a smartphone. The femSense app processes the data using a self-learning algorithm and displays the fertile days ...
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