“The Challenge” is the biggest start-up competition in Israel. Each year, hundreds of entrepreneurs apply to vie for the prize: an investment of  $250,000 by TAU Ventures.

Since the 1st conference, which was held in 2011, the companies that won the start-up competition have raised millions of dollars. Typically obtaining the investment within months of winning the competition.

The competition is divided into a number of verticals such as AI, Smart Mobility, FinTech and more, though only one startup ultimately wins the investment. From hundreds of the start-ups who are expected to apply to the competition, the judges will choose 70 start-ups that will participate at the semi-final stage on the first day of the summit on 23 of July.

Two weeks before the summit, there will be held a ‘Demo Day’ event. At this event, the entrepreneurs of the start-ups that were accepted to the competition will present their initiatives in a pitch of several minutes, for an audience of senior high-tech professionals, accountants, lawyers, body language experts, business experts and more, in order to receive professional and reliable feedback before the major competition. Then, the start-up’s entrepreneurs will pitch throughout the day in front of a large crowd and selected judges from the very top of the Israeli eco-system. The winner will be announced at the peak of the summit.